Course Description:

This course introduces students to the use of the Atmel Atmega8 microcontroller and guides them towards the development of a senior design project proposal by the end of the quarter. We will be using the "Arduino," an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple I/O board and a custom software development environment. The Arduino can be used as a freestanding computing device or as a serial I/O interface to a larger unit. We will build three small projects in this class exploring the multiple uses of the Atmega8 and the Arduino. In addition, students will also be introduced to the usage of the Eagle layout editor and to several readings addressing the ethics, social and environmental impacts of engineering practices. Students should work in groups of 3 on each assignment.


  • Project One: "DICE" 200pt
  • Project Two: "SENSORS" 200pt
  • Project Three: "WIRELESS" 200pt
  • Writing Assignment: 100pt
  • Total: 700pt

Course Resources: